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During the dawn of aviation, Long Island became one of the, if not the, aviation capitals of the world. The island’s favorable landscape, along with its proximity to New York City, created ideal conditions for some of aviation’s most legendary pioneers – Charles Lindbergh departed on his famous transatlantic flight from Roosevelt Field in 1927; Mitchel Air Force Base once coordinated the entire nation’s air defense forces; the island was home to early aviation giants such as Grumman, Republic Aviation and Glenn Curtiss. The airport was also used by Wiley Post and Amelia Earhart. For these reasons, Long Island is known as the Cradle of Aviation.

Because of its importance in early aviation, Long Island, the largest island in the continental United States at nearly 1,400 sq miles, has a disproportionate number of airports considering its physical size. The island is also home to two of the nation’s busiest commercial airports, (JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport and (LGA) LaGuardia Airport, both located on the west side of Long Island in the borough of Queens. There are several other general and private aviation airports throughout the island in cities such as Farmingdale, Islip, East Hampton and Montauk. When booking a private flight with Long Island Jet Charter, you can depart or arrive into the following airports:

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